The THOR III GNSS RTK Compact Receiver offers unparalleled precision and portability, making it the optimal solution for your surveying tasks.

The THOR III GNSS RTK Compact Receiver is an advanced GNSS RTK receiver that combines cutting-edge technical specifications with a lightweight, compact design, delivering superior performance and flexibility, suitable for various applications.

Triple L1+L2+L5 Frequency Precision

The THOR III GNSS RTK Compact Receiver features triple L1+L2+L5 frequency, enabling it to lock onto more satellites and enhance stability. This advanced capability ensures precise and reliable positioning.

Enhanced Full-Constellation Tracking

The  THOR III GNSS RTK tracks 1288 channels for all current and future satellites signals, including GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS (BDS), GALILEO, QZSS, IRNSS and SBAS.

Superior UHF Transmission

The THOR III GNSS RTK features an internal UHF radio that can transmit up to 15 kilometers with just 2W of power consumption. This capability ensures extended communication range and reliable data transmission, even in challenging environments, making it an ideal choice for various surveying and positioning tasks.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The THOR III GNSS RTK’s compact dimensions (13x13x10 cm) and lightweight build (790g including battery) make it highly portable. Its lightweight design facilitates ease of use in field operations, reducing fatigue during extended surveying sessions.

Precision, Flexibility, Efficiency, Versatility, Reliability

IMU-Based Tilt Surveying

The THOR III GNSS RTK enables accurate measurements even when tilted up to 60 degrees, owing to its IMU-based tilt surveying technology. This feature enhances flexibility and efficiency, allowing precise data collection without the need for manual leveling.

Powerful Data Collection software and Self-Configuring Operating System

The THOR III GNSS RTK features robust Android-based data collection software that is user-friendly, easy to operate, and highly functional. It supports many kinds of TXT, CSV, SHP, AutoCAD DXF and etc. Additionally, the THOR III GNSS RTK has an embedded self-configuring operating system, providing free lifetime updates and support.

Comprehensive Positioning modes

The THOR III GNSS RTK supports RTK, PPK, and SBAS positioning methods. This ensures precise and reliable positioning across various applications and environments, providing flexibility to meet diverse surveying needs.

Versatile Radio and Network Modes

Choose from a range of flexible radio and network modes that adapt to your specific project requirements, including point survey, point stake, CAD stake, road stake, feature survey, earthwork calc, etc.


Robust and Durable Design

Constructed with industrial-grade components, the THOR III GNSS RTK is built for decades of use and remains repairable even after severe damage. Its IP67-rated enclosure ensures water and dust resistance, while the shockproof design allows it to survive a 2-meter drop onto concrete, making it suitable for tough environments.

Simple and Informative Interface

The THOR III GNSS RTK features a interface with one function button for power and two LEDs for satellites tracking and RTK corrections data.

Dual Functionality

The THOR III GNSS RTK can operate as both a rover or a base station, transmitting and receiving data via a UHF antenna. This versatility allows it to adapt to various surveying setups and requirements

Cost-Effective Solution

Benefit from the best cost/benefit ratio in the market, offering exceptional value for your investment.

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