It's time to go North

North Group is a proudly 100% European company that Designs and Manufactures in Barcelona, Spain, where our headquarters and R+D center are located. Built upon the solid experience of land surveyors and technology developers focused on positioning and precise measurement for job site and industrial applications.

We have built a reputation of being close to our costumers and associates, responding professionally to every demand on Land Surveying, Oceanography, Professional GIS, Positioning, and retaled areas, with particular strenght on custom Software and Hardware development for special projects.

Today, we focus on innovation with a policy of keep the systems as simple as possible to give the best user experience available on the land-related sciences, integrating the most updated technology in distance meters, positioning systems,software, rugged computers and accessories.

North works closely together with many government agencies and companies, developing custom solutions and instruments for applications such as: dredging, oil extraction, mining, cadastral, remediation, construction, roading, andemergency response, thus allowing us to deliver to the private users products that are well designed, field tested and also affordable.

We know that you need solutions on the field, not headaches. We've been there, and know how it is. It's time to go North.


  • Quality and Accuracy in every component.
  • Dedication to every client's success.
  • Innovation that matters, for our company and for the world.
  • Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.


North Europe is part of the Technology Transfer Programme of the European Space Agency


North Group designs and produces surveying instruments, hardware, software and core technology, including gps receivers, gnss rtk sensors, bathymetric echosounders, total stations, UAV drones and land surveying accessories in Barcelona, Spain.

North Group diseña y manufactura instrumentos topográficos, hardware, software y plataformas tecnológicas, incluyendo receptores GPS, sensores GNSS RTK, ecosondas batimétricas, estaciones totales, aviones no tripulados UAV y accesorios topografía en Barcelona, España.

North Group conçoit et produit des instruments géodésiques, matériel, logiciel et technologie de base, y compris des récepteurs GPS, capteurs de RTK GNSS, sondeurs bathymétriques, stations totales, drones UAV et arpentage accessoires à Barcelone, Espagne.

North Group, projeta e produz instrumentos de topografia, hardware, software e tecnologia de núcleo, incluindo receptores de GPS, sensores GNSS RTK, ecosondas batimétrico, estações totais, drones UAV e de topografia acessórios em Barcelona, Espanha.

Северная группа, разрабатывает и производит геодезические инструменты, оборудование, программное обеспечение и основные технологии, в том числе GPS-приемники GNSS, датчиков RTK, батиметрические эхолоты, тахеометры, беспилотных летательных аппаратов БПЛА и наземных геодезических аксессуаров в Барселоне, Испани.

北方集团,设计和生产测绘仪器,硬件,软件和核心技术,包括GPS接收机,GNSS RTK传感器,测深回声测深仪,全站仪,无人机无人机和土地测量配件在西班牙巴塞罗那。

المجموعة الشمالية والتصاميم وتنتج أدوات المسح والأجهزة والبرمجيات والتكنولوجيا الأساسية، بما في ذلك استقبال نظام تحديد المواقع، وأجهزة الاستشعار راديو وتلفزيون كوسوفو الشبكات، مسبار صدى الأعماق البحرية، ومجموع المحطات، الطائرات بدون طيار UAV والاكسسوارات مسح الأراضي في برشلونة، اسبانيا.

North Group, progetta e produce strumenti topografici, hardware, software e tecnologia di base, compresi i ricevitori GPS, sensori GNSS RTK, ecoscandagli batimetrici, stazioni totali, droni UAV e geodetici accessori a Barcellona, Spagna.

Disclaimer: We are and independent 100% European Company and are NOT affiliated to any of the following brands: Trimble, Leica, Topcon, Sokkia, Pentax, Spectra Precision, South, Ruide, Foif, Tjop, Comnav, Stonex or any other in any way.

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